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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

Term 6

Week 6 (12-07-21 - 16-07-21)

It’s the class’ final week as Maples! This week, the pupils will be preparing for their transition to Rowan in September, as well as getting stuck into some fun activities. We will be baking; having a class water fight; taking on the marshmallow and spaghetti tower challenge; and enjoying ourselves as much as possible as we head into the summer break!

Well done for showing great resilience and thriving during another difficult and disrupted year. We wish you all the best and know you’ll all do so well next year! The Maple Teaching Team. 

Week 5 (05-07-21 - 09-07-21) 

This week, Maple class are building on their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages from weeks 1-4. The class will be applying what they’ve learnt to convert, multiply, divide and find fractions of amounts. In guided reading, the group activities will include rainforest-themed reading on Palm Oil; comprehension tasks on The Blind Man and The Elephant; together with independent reading and follow up tasks. In Topic, we will focus on creating character profiles and planning descriptive narratives, then describing how different characters would cope if they were dropped in the rainforest. We have Ramadan in RE, the life-cycles of birds in Science and our final running events from Sports Afternoon to complete during the rest of the week. 

SHB’s Bee Project.

Topic: Planning a descriptive narrative.

Topic: Rainforest display.

Topic: Creating characters profiles.

Maths: Rounding and converting decimals.

Week 4 (28-06-21 - 02-07-21)

This week, Maple class were due to take part in the 83rd Annual Hunger Games, however, it was rightly decided (after extensive Health & Safety assessments) that Sports Afternoon was probably a more appropriate - and slightly safer - option! With events ranging from the long jump and shot put, to javelin and hurdles, it is sure to be a fun (although likely wet) occasion. In Maths, the class are revisiting place value to support their progress with decimals and fractions. In Topic, we will be exploring the use of imagery to compliment the drafting, editing and writing of a poem. Elsewhere, the stalwart subjects of science, times tables, GPS and reading take their usual coveted spots in the timetable. 

Maths: Revising decimals; Adding, subtracting and multiplying decimals.

Topic: Using word classes to help create imagery.

Topic: Using our senses to create imagery.

Guided Reading: Comprehension, reading and independent tasks.

Maths: Using counters to revise and represent Place Value.

Week 3 (21-06-21 - 25-06-21)

Week 3 has some exciting things in store for Maple class, as it’s assessment week! Maple will undertake their final assessments for the year, ensuring their key strengths and areas for improvement are identified before they head into Year 6. Unfortunately it’s not all test, test, test! We will continue to explore Brazil and the rainforests in our geography topic; we will also focus on identifying and measuring acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles in Maths. Beyond our usual reading, RE, GPS and science sessions, we will squeeze in our final week of preparation ahead Sports Afternoon next Tuesday! 

Topic/DT: Designing and building rainforest habitats.

Topic: Deforestation posters.

Topic: Researching rainforest deforestation.

Topic: Creating rainforest fact files.

Week 2 (14-06-21 - 18-06-21)

This week, Maple class are diving deeper into the rainforests! Building on our research from Week 1, we will be investigating the many diverse creatures that call this habitat their home. From boas and jaguars, to piranhas and anteaters, the class will make notes, draft, then write reports to add to their Rainforest Fact Files. In Maths, we will transition from adding and subtracting fractions, to identifying and measuring angles. With our Sports Afternoon fast approaching on 29th June (Week 4), there will be time to practice our running, throwing, jumping and other core skills in PE. Reproduction is on the agenda in Science, with a focus on the life cycles of amphibians and flowering plants. We also have GPS, RE, times tables and guided reading to look forward to throughout the week! 

Sunflower Plant Sale

RE - Islam: Can I present information about the Quran?

Guided Reading: Group activities.

Topic: Researching rainforest animals.

Maths: Adding and subtracting/finding equivalent fractions.

Birthday baking!

Week 1 (08-06-2021 - 11-06-2021)

Welcome back Maple Class! In term 6 we will become explorers! With Geography as our core Topic, the class will venture as far around the world as possible in just six weeks. We will discuss and use key vocabulary like longitude, latitude and grid references to help us navigate the world map; we will also research information about the rainforests in order to write reports. In Maths, we will reinforce what we learnt in Term 5 about fractions, focusing on adding, ordering and comparing. The class can also look forward to investigating different animal gestations in science; the Islamic creation in RE; with GPS and guided reading tasks throughout the week.

Maths: Can I add fractions/find common denominators?

Topic - Rainforests: Can I research information?

Hadlow Primary School

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