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HadlowPrimary School

Happiness, Progress, Success

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Top Tip #1: 

When children are involved in the decision making process, given choices and feel their thoughts are valued, it will help limit stress and help everyone cope with a routine.


Set out a weekly plan that everyone agrees to: ("What day would you like to...")

a) which day of the week to read over and choose a task

b) which day of the week to gather the needed materials (even if it's just paper and pencil)

c) which day of the week to complete it.

d) and of course, what times.


Top Tip #2: 

Keep home learning sessions short and frequent. 10-15 minutes is enough. Revisiting targets on a regular basis, with support and challenge, is vital to sustained progress. 


Top Tip #3: 

Children are so perceptive. If their parents show that they are excited and interested in the home learning, their child will be too. This change in attitude is, of course, a process. It's the long game! 

Please discuss and model with your child the importance of good presentation, handwriting, and thoughtfulness.


Thank you all for you continued support. As always, please share your learning with me via the Maple Class email.

Hadlow Primary School

Hadlow, Tonbridge, Kent, TN11 0EH