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HadlowPrimary School

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First One Hundred High Frequency Words

Below is a list of the first one hundred most common words in English. Learning to read and spell these words is essential and represents 50% of words when reading or writing. Each week there will be six words from this list to revise or learn. Some children will be tested on these words rather than the main list. 

Year Three and Four Spelling List

Below is the statutory spelling list for year three and four. This list represents words commonly misspelt. These are challenging which is why it is a list to learn spanning two year groups. These words may appear more than once over the year, in the home spelling lists, to help spellings to go into the long term memory.

Year Three and Four Homophones List

accept/except, affect/effect, ball/bawl, berry/bury, brake/break, fair/fare, grate/great, groan/grown, here/hear, heel/heal/he’ll, knot/not, mail/male, main/mane, meat/meet, medal/meddle, missed/mist, peace/piece, plain/plane, rain/rein/reign, scene/seen, weather/whether, whose/who’s

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