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HadlowPrimary School

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Home Learning

HELP! My Child Doesn't Want To Do Home Learning!

Resources to help you with Home Learning:

Home Learning tasks and challenges are designed to target gaps in your child's learning. They've been glued into your child's Home Learning Book (sent home on Fridays, due Wednesdays)



General Help with Literacy (lots of great resources)found here

Sentence Help:


Using coordinating conjunctions to make compound sentences: found here



Using subordinating conjunctions to make complex sentences: found here


- Stronger Sentences

Extending sentences with a "comma" and "-ing verb" such as:


Wolfren stared ahead, straining her eyes in the thick mist.
As the last leaf fell, Wilbur looked up, staring with dread.

Gripping the paper with all of his might, the dog pulled, clenching its muscles tightly. 

Steve smiled, smirking at his devious plan.

There will be helpful resources in the Extra Resources Tab to help support their learning.

Hadlow Primary School

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